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3 quick with Evelina

3 things I always have at home in the kitchen:

Carbonated water, fresh coriander, collagen

Top tips for well-being:

10 minutes of daily meditation, walking & coffee with collagen

A go-to dish:

Asian beef salad

3 quick with Emmy

3 things I always have at home in the kitchen:

Bananas, coconut oil & organic coffee

Top tips for well-being:

Self-reflection, feelgood music and good food!

A go-to dish:


Latest with us

Foodgeekz Fikabars Double Chocolate Chip & Strawberry Cheesecake

We have finally launched two flavors of premium FIKA bars. Few ingredients, vegan, made in Sweden and Foodgeekz Friendly. Eating something that is Foodgeekz friendly means that it is created with love and we think it is important not to have to give up the good in life. I hope you love them as much as we do! The flavors come in Double Chocolate Chip & Strawberry Cheesecake.

Click home your new favorite bars here!

Monday To Friday with Foodgeekz - Our Cookbook! 

We've finally released our first cookbook! A digital one, too. Perfect for you to bring to the grocery store & plan for the week. Get inspired by 21 fresh recipes with accompanying bonus chapters & your OWN print-friendly Weekly Meal Planner! 

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Matters x Foodgeekz- Matcha Collagen

Our first own product together with the Swedish brand Matter's, Matcha Collagen! The Matcha Collagen comes from organic, high quality Japanese Green Matcha Tea in combination with collagen.

Use the code FOODGEEKZ25 for 25% on Matter's website

To our Matcha Collagen


Foodgeekz is a food and lifestyle community founded by sisters Evelina & Emmy Hammelfelt. Every day we inspire on social media with our creative recipes, tips in holistic health, our positive life attitude & spiritual journey. For us, it means a life filled with good food, being able to photograph/film and share everything we love, regular meditation, yoga and exercise, spend time with what gives energy, listen inwards and to the body.

"Foodgeekz is a charismatic duo with a great passion for food that has created a movement beyond good recipes"
"We are incredibly satisfied with the collaboration and can consider making several collaborations in the future together with Foodgeekz"
"We are very pleased with our collaboration with Foodgeekz, which is
professional and engaged".
"All materials produced by Foodgeekz come in the highest quality and always slightly better than intended"
"Foodgeekz creates fantastic content in its channels and is influencers
we are happy to work in close relationship with"
"With their huge network
professionalism around food and lovely
attitude we have together
found a way to take kitchen sales
to new heights"

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