Who are Foodgeekz?

Our name is Evelina & Emmy Hammelfelt. We are two sisters from Skåne. Evelina still lives in Skåne, which works daily as a recipe creator, entrepreneur, lecturer & holistic dietitian. Emmy lives in Stockholm and works in tech, has cooking, recipe creation and singing as her main interest. In 2016, we started a brand called Foodgeekz – based on our food philosophy, holistic lifestyle and personal development.

On a daily basis, we inspire on social media about creative recipes, tips and advice in holistic health, our positive outlook on life and glimpses of our spiritual journey. Cooking, p

hijacking, being creative, inspiring and living in the present are the driving forces we both have in common since childhood. For us, it means a life filled with good food, being able to photograph/film and share everything we love, regular meditation, yoga and exercise, spend time with what gives energy, listen inwards and to the body.

In addition to the fact that Foodgeekz has appeared on TV for creative cooking gigs at well-known yoga retreats, we work daily with recipe creation, chefs, lectures/workshops, influencer marketing and content management for physical events.

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Our food philosophy

It started around childhood when we had the opportunity at home to have our own food days. To be in the kitchen, feel, squeeze, taste and try your hand at it. What we didn't know at the time was that it would be our biggest interest. Everything from how you can take something you have at home and make something creative out of it, to turning yesterday's dinners into something completely new and exciting, or promoting creativity and well-being together.

Our cooking and lifestyle is what we call without pointers. Are you a vegetarian, vegan, maybe eating animal but want more greens? Then you've come to the right place! We offer food that is cooked from scratch, we lift sustainability in our cooking based on all aspects.

Everything from local farms to the vegetable trade on the corner to innovative foods to promote well-being. We create everything from simple everyday meals, colorful breakfasts and snacks, but also big cooking for the week's lunchboxes.